That’s Right New York Hard Core Comics Is Back! Stompin Through New York Comic Con 2015 From Booth #3155! This Year We All Look Forward To An Insane Show!  NYHC COMICS Always Coming Together To Bring You The Latest & Greatest In All Things Pop Culture! Piles Of  Comic Books, Horror, Toys, Statues, T-Shirts, SkateBoards, Masks, Vinyl & So Much More!  Will Be Available This October 8th Through The 11th! From The BIGGEST Comic Con On The Planet!  NYCC 2015!

 This Year We Plan To Do Even More When We Brake Out The Big Guns! Here AT NYHC COMICS It’s Our Pleasure To Be Working Along Side Some Really Talented People! Please Take A Minute & Get Antiquated With Our Peoples! In The Place To Be Is!

Butch Lee Prod.   Butch Will Be Rockin All Weekend Long! 

  Butch Lee Productions: Photographer. Inventor of Smoked-out Colors Photography.
For booking email: butchleeproductions@gmail.com

  Follow me on Instagram: @xbleex
InstaGram: @LolitaZombie

  Is In The House With Us Thursday & Friday! Doing What She Does Best Looking Beautiful & Having FUN The Zombie Way! Prints Available From The Most Prettiest Zombie

\m/ :O \m/

Bree Arkham NYHC COMICS Bree Arkham
FaceBook https://m.facebook.com/breearkham7

Instagram: @breearkham

Then Even More Beauty When Bree Arkham Blesses Us With Madness! Saturday & Sunday! A Guaranteed Crowd Favorite! Prints Available From The Total Hotness Of Horror!

\m/ :O \m/ PHILLY In Da House!


Watch Out For  Surprise Guest Visits Straight Outta NYCC’s  The BLOCK

Only AT NYHC COMICS Booth#3155


Cash Cannon

Best Known For: AOA Arsenal of Artists Co-Founding Member, Custom McFett for Clutter. Mickey Mouse & Boba Fett mash up. and Original creation Lopsy. 4TheLuvofToyzNY front man.


Main Sitehttp://4theluvoftoyzny.com/

FaceBook: http://4theluvoftoyzny.com/

InstaGram: https://instagram.com/cashcannon1 @cashcannon1

Twitter: https://twitter.com/4theluvoftoyzny

Addicted To Ink: http://www.addictedtoinktattoos.com/team-view/cash-2/


  I’m the Playful Gorilla, aka Alex Rivera… currently taking refuge in Philly. I’m a big kid paying homage to all those awesome characters I grew up with! I have a deep love and respect for the art of character creation. This love is infused into every piece of art and design that I produce. You can see my playful take on my favorite pop culture properties as I develop my own original creations. I ultimately want to help others realize their dreams of toy creation by perfecting my own pipeline. My diverse multimedia and animation art background are a great asset to this community as the digital world of small run toy creation continues to build momentum. I also can ride a unicycle. Thanks to all those supporting this Gorilla!! Let’s Get It In At Booth #3155 Only At New York Comic Con 2015!! NYHC COMICS Style!
Now Go find Him online…


Now Let’s Talk EXCLUSIVES: Exhibitor Exclusives (1)

Super Hero Zombie Plush Doll's, NYHC Comics

Super Hero Zombie Plush Doll’s

  Each one is hand made and one of a kind! NYHC COMICS has teamed up with CustomFairyWings.com to make a very limited number of these awesome plush dolls. No one is safe from these zombified hero’s and villain’s.

MORE “Custom Fairy Wings” Here: http://customfairywings.com/

FaceBook: https://m.facebook.com/customfairywings?tsid=0.7842269267421216&source=typeahead

Here Is The New York Comic Con 2015 Main Site & Show Map!
ADD Us To Your Show Map & SEE YOU AT THE SHOW!!!

  A Major Shout Out To Tim Pratt AkA GRIMM At Grimm Prints For All His Hard Work On The Main Flyer! One Love T!
More GRIMM Here: grimmprints@gmail.com

Google+:  +Tim Pratt

  NYHC card art.jpeg
   Have any Questions About New York Comic Con 2015 OR In Starting You’re Own Subscription, Adding to You’re Collection, or If You’re Already Collecting & Are Looking for Some EXCLUSIVE  Books, Covers, CGC, Vinyl, Games, Toys & More!  Give Us a Shout Here:NYHCCOMICS@gmail.com
You’re Interests Are OUR Interests!
\m/ N×Y×H×C× \m/ #NYHCCOMICS #NYCCLive

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